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Adults Only Magic Show, at Arts Centre Melbourne and Sydney Spiegeltent - 70 minutes

You might think sleight of hand and escape tricks are simply par for the course in a magic show, but then clearly you haven’t yet seen the Adults Only Magic Show.


It is 70 minutes of orchestrated magic and mayhem that pushes the boundaries, but is always good natured in doing so.


This is one edgy, funny and homoerotic show.


There is no shortage of audience interaction … and male genitalia exposed (there is nothing illusory there) … more than once.

The pair that constitute the lion’s share of the offering – Sam Hume and Justin Williams – met in 2014 and have been performing together ever since.


They bounce off each other brilliantly. It appears that nothing is off limits.


Justin, in particular, is not backward in coming forward.


The bawdy warm-up is just that … a rousing introduction to the risqué that follows.

It is performed by Magnus “Danger” Magnus, who pops up again – in various states of dress – throughout the show.


Volunteers are regularly plucked from the audience, with drink cards offered as an incentive.


Let me put it this way, once you have seen the Adults Only Magic Show, you can’t unsee it. Of course, that will make much more sense when you do venture along.


It is lewd, crude and totally engaging. It is both verbal and physical, so you can absolutely call it well rounded.

It is definitely “R” rated, so don’t attend expecting Bambi.


Suffice to say, the smiles on patrons faces speaks volumes. People, including me, have a wow of a time.


As a measure of that, they line up afterwards to have their photo taken with Sam, Justin and Magnus.


And, I should quickly add, the magic isn’t half bad either!

The Adults Only Magic Show is playing at Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne until 21st April, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


It then moves to the Sydney Spiegeltent in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park from 23rd to 28th April.





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