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Bang On Live with Myf Warhurst & Zan Rowe (touring) - 60 minutes

I arrived at Melbourne Town Hall knowing nothing about the Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe’s weekly podcast, Bang On.


That is where they debrief on the week’s biggest conversations about music, art and life.


Now they have transposed that successful podcast into a live show that is touring.

The turnout for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival leg was huge (the Main Hall inside the Town Hall was full). And there was a lot of love in the room for the dynamic duo.


The pair sported new Crocs just for the occasion, while Myf was wearing a striking orange dress and Zan was dressed in bright pink.


As she made her way onto the stage, Myf had lost the backing to one of her drop earrings. A patron immediately helped her out.


Thereafter, while the two sipped freshly opened canned wine, they engaged in an hour of good-natured banter – occasionally naughty, but nice. There were frequent visual references, special guests and a fashion parade, of sorts.

Bang On merchandise – tea-towels, posters, a tote bag and key ring – is hot. During the show, there was an audience tea-towel give-away, based on a series of quiz questions.


Looking at the week that was, on the video screen one of the podcast faithful had sent the ladies a photo of a cooked chicken as a suggested addition to the merch.


Margot Robbie’s announcement that she was intending to produce a Monopoly movie didn’t exactly excite the girls.


A photo of Lenny Kravitz lifting weights in leather pants generated some saucy remarks.

Myf’s musical brother Kit was the first special guest. He strummed his guitar and sang melodically about their shared time as kids at Magic Mountain theme park in South Australia.


Zan and Myf unloaded about their viewing habits on streaming services during the week.


That included a somewhat lame new Irish rom com featuring Lindsay Lohan.


There was another on Netflix, Scoop – a behind the scenes look at the train wreck 2019 interview Prince Andrew gave about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.


And, finally, a two-part documentary on Apple TV about Steve Martin, which revealed a side of the comedic actor that Zan didn’t know.


Guest number two turned out to be fellow comedian and Warhurst travel companion Joel Creasy. He shared a memorable story about the time the pair, along with his boyfriend Jack, visited Sicily.

Bang On Live ended on a high when the buoyant women called for volunteers to “model” cheap “rip offs” of high-end fashion garments and bags. They were inundated with eager beavers.


Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe have an easy-going charm about them. They seem genuinely chuffed to be in the company of so many enthusiastic followers.


They laugh and have fun together. Their delivery style is natural and engaging.


I dare say those that are familiar with the podcast will get the most out of this show. Mind you, that is not to say the ladies won’t pick up some new devotees along the way.


Bang On Live will next play at Powerhouse as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival on April 27 and 28.


Then, it is off to the Enmore Theatre as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival on May 18.


Further gigs through to the end of July can be found at





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