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Coup de Chance (PG) - 96 minutes

Alain Aubert and Fanny Moreau went to school together.


She was popular and he had a crush on her, but lacked the confidence to say anything.


Now, an adult, he is a writer who had moved around extensively. He was married for a short time, but since divorced.


She works at a fine auction house. She is married (for a second time) to a wealthy financier, Jean Fournier.


Arrogant and entitled, he dotes on her (to the point of suffocation) and is forever buying her gifts.

But she doesn’t want the expensive trinkets, nor is she a fan of the hunting and hiking weekends that are a mainstay of their lives.


In short, her marriage has fallen into a routine that doesn’t satisfy her.


And then, by chance, Aubert spots Fanny in the street on her way to work and starts up a conversation.


Aubert opens up about his long-held feelings for her. She shows interest in his writing.


A succession of lunchtime meetings and more follows.

Jean suspects that his wife is having an affair and acts upon his impulse.


Doing some sleuthing of her own is Fanny’s mother, Camille.


A comedic drama, it follows a reasonably predictable path until midway through, at which point the screws are turned.


Further, a twist in the tail gives the story extra bite.


While Woody Allen’s 50th film (in French with English subtitles) is not as clever as some of his best work, it still has his imprimatur stamped all over it.


There is a flurry of verbiage, appealing settings and subterfuge.


Allen ensures the audience’s sensibilities are clearly with Fanny as she regains her joie de vivre with Aubert.

There is warmth and moral quandary in Lou de Laage’s portrayal of Fanny.


Niels Schneider brings an artistic temperament to Aubert.


Melvil Poupaud is precocious and scheming as Jean.


As for Valerie Lemercier, she is more of a pragmatic bystander as Camille, until her revelations create ructions.


As referenced earlier, if you stick with it, you will have your payoff.


Coup de Chance, which means Stroke of Luck, is what could best be described as a pleasant, light weight distraction.


Rated PG, it scores a 7 out of 10.


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