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Everything and Nothing - The Songs of Luke Di Somma (The MC Showroom) - 60 minutes

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based Luke Di Somma is a highly personable, immensely gifted musical theatre composer.

With self-deprecating humour and delightful back stories, he showcased a dozen of his songs in a one-night only cabaret performance at The MC Showroom in Prahran.

All were original, readily relatable numbers – drawn from personal experiences – the key to which is that Di Somma is a storyteller par excellence.

He gets massive traction from his seemingly innate ability to weave clever, creative and comic yarns.

The fact that the music is ear pleasing and catchy obviously goes a long way to aiding his cause.

Most of the material is from his album, titled Songs for My Friends, released last year.

And then there is a song named Living with a Drag Queen that he says he only completed work on the morning of the show. It is impossible not to be impressed.

In concert, the pieces were performed by a cavalcade of talented artistes – the likes of Teagan Wouters and Stephen Mahy. They both recently starred in The Wedding Singer.

The others included Isla and Finley Brentwood, Andrew Coshan, Milo Hartill (who is about to feature in MTC’s Cyrano) and Bailey Dunnage.

That is not to overlook drag queens Aubrey Haive and Gloss.

The appreciative audience lapped up the complete offering and had every reason to do so.

Everything and Nothing was an intimate, electrifying hour of wonderful and engaging entertainment.

I long to see more of what Luke Di Somma has to offer for this is a guy whose reputation will only continue to grow.


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