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I'm Yours, Maddy (MC Showroom) - 60 minutes without interval

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Maddy Pratt loves sex … she loves, loves, loves sex.

So, it only makes sense that she would pen an ode to her favourite pastime.

She is wild and kinky too, but woe betide anyone who thinks she’s a lightweight.

Make no mistake, while her one woman show (with accompanying pianist Ashton Turner) is risqué and heaps of fun, it also carries a critically important and serious message.

That has to do with fairness, equality and respect.

Maddy tells her story her way.

Buxom, she dresses tantalisingly in alluring red and disrobes to a point during the show to reveal red knickers and bra, before a cheeky final reveal.

She talks about her disappointments, dislikes and missteps when it comes to her experiences and choices.

She discusses men’s heavy-handed approach to a number of her encounters and slut shaming.

Maddy reveals she came out as bi, but finds it much more difficult to lure the same sex.

She peppers her bawdy stories with appropriate songs and at one point involves an audience member in sexual positioning.

Maddy doesn’t hold back. Her language is decidedly fruity (not for the feint hearted), but more than half way through the show pivots to the way society treats women and female sexuality.

She gives us facts and relates to contemporary events, revealing a couple of deeply personal traumatic episodes in her life.

On stage for an hour, Maddy is bold and fearless – a woman of substance who needs to be heard.

Helen Reddy put it best in her anthem, I Am Woman.

So, too, is Maddy Pratt. You can be sure of that.

I’m Yours, Maddy is playing at MC Showroom until 13th February, 2022.


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