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Jurassic Creatures (opposite Southland Shopping Centre)

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movie franchise has grossed more than $6 billion globally.

Let’s face it, dinosaurs are big business and long before their film adaptation they held not just scientific, but public fascination.

Now, in time for the school holidays, family friendly Jurassic Creatures has come to Cheltenham (opposite Southland Shopping Centre).

We’re talking about more than 30 realistic animatronic creatures, including the T-Rex and Triceratops.

And you don’t just see them, but many of them move … and roar.

I have been to animatronic exhibitions before when you can see, but you are not allowed to touch.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with Jurassic Creatures, where patting and stroking are not prohibited.

And this showcase is not just about looking at, feeling and listening to the creatures.

There is a host of dinosaur-related activities.

Littlies can step into and lose themselves in the Dinosaur Bouncer ball pit and block village.

Talking of bouncing (think jumping castles), they can also venture into Dinoland and Jurassic Adventure.

I fancied becoming a pseudo paleontologist.

My desire was met when presented with a hard clay egg that I could safely hammer away at to expose a small plastic dinosaur.

For the artistically minded, there is an area set aside where you can trace and colour in a variety of prehistoric creatures.

And, if you want to take a dinosaur selfie, that is encouraged with the walking dinosaurs (which, just between you and I, contain a human being).

Jurassic Creatures also includes a 15-minute live show, which features the singing antics of a cheery compere and dinosaurs Buddy and Tiny.

And, if you don’t mind a giant bug or two, all sorts of creepy crawlies – think tarantula spider and more – are on display.

If you are peckish, food and drink are available on site (and there are toilets too).

Referring to the former, the dinosaurs that are part of Jurassic Creatures won’t take a bite out of you. They are just all about engagement and fun.

In case you are wondering, my party included a child who had yet to turn two and she had a great time.

She willingly participated in the activities and was not the least bit scared.

I spent an hour and a quarter walking through the exhibition and participating in a number of activities.

Entry to Jurassic Creatures is $32 plus booking fee (or $100 for a family of four). Children under three are admitted free.

A VIP pass, which includes a $25 show bag and a food voucher for nuggets, chips and a drink or a hot dog, chips and a drink, is $65 plus a booking fee.

Jurassic Creatures will be opposite Southland Shopping Centre until 9th July, 2023.

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