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Love Does Cost a Thing (Melbourne Fringe Festival)

The up-tempo vibe never lets up in Hannah Cañon’s Latino comedy cabaret, 'Love Does Cost a Thing', which she wrote herself, based upon the life and loves of Latin American pop icon Jennifer Lopez.

Cañon is brim full of sass and good humour as she weaves the tale of JLo – a smart and strong Latina woman whose work ethic enabled her to move from the rough and tumble of the Bronx to the pinnacle of fame and fortune.

Along with way, Lopez has enjoyed a veritable cavalcade of high-profile relationships with the famous and the artistic.

I speak of the likes of Puff Daddy, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez, to name but some.

Cañon relates stories of passion and destruction, as JLo comes to realise that what is most important is to love oneself.

Through clever choreography, videography and multiple colourful and adventurous costume changes Cañon paints a picture of fortitude, forgiveness and fame.

But I have left out the most critical element of her performance – the music – around which the stories are woven.

We hear song after song from JLo’s playlist, sometimes snippets and other times much more – from Let’s Get Loud, If You Had My Love and Love Don’t Cost a Thing to Ain’t It Funny, Ain’t Your Mama and Waiting for Tonight.

Appropriately, Cañon finishes her 40-minute set, with Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

So, we get it all – the gowns and the diamonds and that voice – as channelled through a woman who is dynamic in her own right, ably supported by three talented back-up singers (two women and a man).

Directed by seasoned cabaret artist and producer Sally Bourne, Love Does Cost a Thing is playing virtually as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival at 7pm on 27th and 28th November, 2020.


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