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Mor(t)ality (The Butterfly Club) - 45 minutes

Two strangers find themselves trapped in a barren room with a gun.

They have no idea how they got there or what will become of them.

In any event, the outlook is bleak.

One could shoot the other or they could both starve to death.

Photos by Alexander Dymalovski

The character known simply as A (Boaz Hulme) starts with bravado, but then his vulnerabilities are exposed.

The two great loves of his life are no longer with him and he doesn't have a job.

The other, B (Lara Anderson), is in a much better place and is engaged to be married.

A hates his life on the outside. B has a great deal to live for.

He tries to engage her in conversation. At first she resists, but then she begins to thaw.

The situation remains tense and unrelenting.

The question posed is will they find a way through, if, indeed, there is a way through.

One thing is certain, crying out for help will come to naught and, as time passes, they will grow hungrier.

Mor(t)ality marks the stage debut for Alexander Dymalovski as both writer and director.

He has done a fine job. The premise is a good one and anxiety is apparent throughout.

It is a case of one step forward and another back.

The script also allows us to reflect upon what we would do, if God forbid, we found ourselves in similar circumstances.

The young actors are strong and effective, highlighting the ebbs and flows of captivity in what becomes a game of cat and mouse.

Both impress with their poise and polish as they readily channel vulnerability, distress, fear, anger … and joy.

At the core of Mor(t)ality is the question of just what is a meaningful life?

It may be a truism, but it speaks volumes about making each moment count, for we never know what might be just around the corner.

The sword of Damacles is perilously close throughout the ordeal faced by this pair.

Mor(t)ality is playing at The Butterfly Club until 4th June, 2022.


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