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Silly Little Things (Silver String Productions) at The Butterfly Club - 60 minutes

Rosie is a 20-something year old florist shop owner and party girl for whom life has its challenges.

She and her Irish best friend Cara are inseparable. They have been ever since they met in Year 8.

But, of late, it has been all work and little play for Cara, due to a job upgrade.

Rosie has just broken up with her boyfriend of two years, who moved out two days ago and the first person to whom she turns is, naturally, Cara – who hated her ex.

Photos by Carla Maggio De Leo

She isn’t answering Rosie’s calls and things between the pair are about to take an unexpected turn.

Rosie borrowed money from her mum to get her flower business off the ground, but it is tough to make ends meet.

She hardly gets a lot of joy from her less than enthusiastic employee Ingrid, who makes money on the side by uploading pictures of her feet.

Following instructions is hardly Ingrid’s strong suit and that will come back to bite Rosie.

And the latter must put up with customers like the regular she nicknames “Tom Cruise”, who always buys the cheapest bunch.

To add to Rosie’s woes, she lives in an apartment, where she has a toxic neighbour, Joyce, who is in her 80s.

Joyce makes an art form of potting Rosie at every opportunity.

And then Rosie meets a bloke – “Donut Boy” – online that may just be Mr Right … or is he?

I was greatly taken by Laura Knaggs' hour-long performance (just her and a stool on a bare stage) in Silly Little Things.

It is mesmerising and she was mighty.

I became massively involved in the lives of the people about whom she wove tales. I kept wanting to know more.

Laura does a mock Irish accent and even showcases both sides of a conversation.

There’s laughter aplenty to be had, but much more than that. The show has poignant and pivotal moments.

Beyond her tale telling, it was Laura’s expressions and body language that made her output shine.

She has the rare ability to excite and electrify an audience.

There is little that exposes you more than being on stage alone in front of a paying crowd ready to judge any false step, but Laura needn’t worry as she is a natural.

Her warmth, engagement and skill in transporting us to the hairy scenes that feature prominently are so impressive.

With dramaturgy from Emily O’Brien-Brown and direction from Sharnema Nougar, Silly Little Things is a winner.

It is playing at The Butterfly Club until 18th March, 2023.


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