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The Fleetwood Pac - 120 minutes, including interval

With silky vocals and a big sound, this Fleetwood Mac tribute band is pure gold.

There is a lot of love in the room for breathing new life into the hits of the British-American pop rock band that has sold more than 120 million records.

Although over the years Fleetwood Mac line-up changes have been plentiful, five big names stand out.

Photos by Oneheart Studios

In this case, Jess De Luca is Stevie Nicks and Bianca Hopkins, who also directs the show and is musical director alongside Ezekiel Fenn, is Christine McVie.

The pair’s vocal acuity is complementary. I love their tone.

Hopkins is also on keys, while De Luca (and her impressive vibrato), is on tambourine.

The other strong vocalist is Matthew Heard, who assumes the role of Lindsey Buckingham and plays guitar.

Dayna Hopkins has a wow of a time as Mick Fleetwood on drums. His energy is electrifying.

Also impressive are Ezekiel Fenn as John McVie on bass and David Zammit on lead guitar.

During the show, Bianca Hopkins, Jess De Luca and Matthew Heard give us some background about Fleetwood Mac and a few of their songs and relationship issues.

The vibe in the room is sensational. We’re encouraged to get up and dance, if we so choose. Quite a number do, either side of the band and at the back of the tiered seating.

When you hear a tribute band, you want to be transported back to the sound that made you fall in love with them and their music in the first place.

The Fleetwood Pac does just that … masterfully.

They also appear to be enjoying themselves as much as we, the audience, are.

They are a pleasure to listen to, all the more so because so many big numbers are given voice.

Among the highlights of the first act, which includes 13 numbers, are Tusk, Little Lies, Gypsy, Sara and Rhiannon.

After interval and a costume change, we get to hear 11 more songs. They include Songbird, Over My Head, The Chain, You Make Loving Fun, Dreams, Don’t Stop and Go Your Own Way.

The Fleetwood Pac are talented, melodic and engaging performers, who are just so easy to warm to. I’d gladly go back for a repeat dose tomorrow.

The band has a number of tour dates in 2023. To see what they are and where they are playing, go to the “shows” page at

2 comentários

2 days ago

What a show! Saw in Whyalla a couple hours ago and wow. They all seemed to be so close to the real thing I might as well have been in the 70’s watching Fleetwood Mac. The guitar work, the vocals, the drum beats, and the crowd interaction gave the show an amazing environment that you don’t get in many places elsewhere. Thank you for the great show and come back soon!


23 de jul. de 2023

Enjoyed your show in Mildura last night, in the first half the music overpowered the vocals to such an extent we couldn't even hear vocals at some parts, the second half was amazing and true to sound. An evening of happy entertainment, thank you

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