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Then Came You (M) - 98 minutes

A steady stream of mum and dad jokes lay the foundations for this predictable rom com, written and starring Kathie Lee Gifford.

Depending upon your perspective, you might find it pleasant or painful.

Over a year ago, 60-something Annabelle lost her beloved husband Fred in an accident at their hardware store in Nantucket.

The would-be entertainer long ago gave up her career ambitions for the man she loved.

Now she has to find a way to move ahead with her life, so she decides to visit a centuries old mansion in Scotland.

That is to be her first step en route to Italy and a total of 20 countries featured in her 20 favourite films.

There to meet her at the station in Scotland is the proprietor of the Awd Inn, Howard (Craig Ferguson).

He, himself, lost his long-term spouse and now spends most of his time with his best mate, Gavin (Ford Kiernan).

Even though, at first glance, Annabelle and Howard seem to be polar opposites, they hit it off, even if Annabelle is more forthcoming than Howard.

She even carries around her dead husband’s ashes in a box of chocolates to mark the fact that his favourite movie was Forrest Gump.

As it turns out, Howard is holding back a secret, while she, too, has a surprise in store.

The outcome is as plain as the nose on your face.

So that is not why you would go to see Then Came You.

It positions itself as a syrupy charmer and there is certainly an audience for this kind of thing, although there is nothing top shelf about what is on offer.

Formulaic? Absolutely. An attraction, squabbling and a happy reuniting.

Howard can be caustic and Annabelle playful.

Humour is the driving force to unite a pair that has holes in their hearts.

Mind you, apart from the words they utter, that is, at times, difficult to believe, given how they carry on ... and then carry on some more.

The landscape and cinematography by Reynaldo Villalobos are breathtaking.

If you haven’t visited Scotland, surely you would want to after seeing Then Came You.

It is what I call a “try hard” film. Directed by Adriana Trigiani, it tries too hard to impress, but isn’t much chop.

Rated M and also featuring Liz Hurley in a small role, Then Came You scores a 5 out of 10.


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