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iFLY Gold Coast

I have never been brave enough to try skydiving or bungee jumping, but here is an experience I can only imagine is close to those.


It is indoor body flight, in the safe hands of a qualified instructor.


It is known as iFLY and it takes place in a high rise, see through, glass chamber, a tunnel into which air is pumped.

First up, in an orientation session, you are given very specific instruction about how to hold your body in a horizontal position.


That involves a slight curve in your back, your chin up, your arms outstretched and your knees slightly bent.


Then you’re kitted out in a flight suit, helmet and goggles, before you step into the chamber and literally fly.


What an exhilarating experience. I kid you not. It really is sensational – a feeling of floating against the wind.

And what wind speed are we talking about? 170 kilometres per hour.


You learn how to turn in the air and rise, with an instructor ever present, holding you up if necessary, and with another taking happy snaps and video.


And the piece de resistance, which you are welcome to try, is circling up and down at speed in tandem with your instructor.


I’m talking 220 kilometres per hour going up and 270 kilometres per hour coming down, while doing rings or spins.


I draw a parallel to being beside a racing car driver doing fast laps.

The trick is to stay calm throughout – put yourself in a kind of horizontal zen state.


Wow. It is so much fun. It is open to anyone from three to 100 plus. Yes, centurions have tried it.


My instructor was the highly experienced Oliver Fong, a 35-year-old who has jumped out of a plane nearly 3,000 times.


And once you’ve done your bit, the instructor gets the chance to showcase what they can do in isolation in the chamber.


I assure you it is mighty impressive – turning and twisting, rising and diving.

Most people do a couple of flights, the first closer to ground level and the second involving more aerials, if they so choose.

There are two options, which might not seem like much, but it is plenty and a wonderful introduction to body flight – 50 seconds at a time or 1 minute 40.


iFLY was one of the great experiences of my life (I was flying high) and well worth a shot or several.


A basic package starts at $84 and $79 per person when you book two people.


To book, go to


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