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SkyPoint Climb and SkyPoint Observation Deck on the Gold Coast

If you want a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Gold Coast, there is nothing better than taking part in Australia’s highest external building climb.


And what a sensational experience it is.


It is known as SkyPoint Climb and is located atop the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise.

It starts with so called riding and safety instructions from an experienced and enthusiastic crew on the ground.


There is a huge onus on safety – which I love.


You just wear comfortable clothes and shoes (no open toed shoes though), and are kitted out in what I will call a lightweight jump suit that zips up at the front, along with a full body harness.


You are part of a small group and you take a mighty fast and smooth lift up to the 77th level of the Q1 building, which is located 230 metres above sea level.


From there, you are tethered to a handrail for the duration of the climb, up and down stairs.


Along the way you take in breathtaking 360 degrees views of the coastline and hinterland.


At the highest point, you are up about 270 metres above sea level.

It really is something special. You feel grand just being up there. I think it is a fabulous concept and one that is heaps of fun.


A guide is with you at all times and, along with delivering some good-natured humour, they point out highlights of the building and the coast.


Importantly, they document your journey on camera, stopping at various points on the climb to take happy snaps individually and as a group.


If you are going as a family, there is a minimum height requirement of 130 centimetres.


The whole experience takes about 90 minutes and my wife and I had a great time.


I would highly recommend the twilight climb if you can manage to secure it. Terrific watching the sun set.

Afterwards, you are given re-entry to take in the views again if you want to from the 77th level observation deck, with its floor to ceiling windows around the entire Q1 building.


Add on scrumptious food and drink at the bistro and bar located on the same level if you wish, with excellent fast service and your SkyPoint adventure is complete.


To book, go to


A single entry ticket to the observation deck starts at $23 Monday to Friday, with the SkyPoint climb beginning at $92.


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