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The Bay of Silence (M) - 94 minutes

Something is not quite right with talented, attractive artist Rosalind (Olga Kurylenko – Quantum of Solace).

One minute she is exuberant and full of life.

The next, she is sullen and suspicious.

She sleepwalks and claws at the walls.

The mother of young twin daughters, she meets and falls head over heels for Will (Claes Bang – The Square), and he for her.

Notwithstanding a horrible accident, the pair has a child together – an adorable son named Amadeo.

They seem happy and live a comfortable, upper middle-class existence – employing hired help – in their London home.

Suddenly, a parcel arrives and the next thing you know in a fury Ros has packed her bags and left.

Cool-headed Will tries to make sense of what has happened, but the mystery only deepens.

Heartache is to follow as he traces her to Normandy in France.

In time we find out what happened to Ros as a 14-year-old and how that shaped the person she became.

Based on Lisa St Aubin de Teran’s novel of the same name, The Bay of Silence was written by Caroline Goodall and is directed by Paula van der Oest.

There is a lot going on here and it gets mighty complicated. In fact, too much so for its own good.

I dare say Goodall could have contained her writing somewhat to greater effect.

Red herrings are one thing, but confusion is another and The Bay of Silence has a tendency to follow that road.

It can’t exactly be called subtle either.

Notwithstanding all the twists introduced into the plot, I worked out relatively early on who the perpetrator of evil was and that disappointed me.

Then it became a case of joining the dots.

I can’t say the acting is top shelf. Some actors aren’t totally convincing.

Regardless of his charm, given what he was put through, I felt Claes Bang was too calm during moments of high tension.

I generally warm to whodunnits, but The Bay of Silence isn’t the best of breed.

It is available on digital platforms, including Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft Video Store, Foxtel, Fetch, Sony PlayStation and Telstra TV Box Office.

Rated M, it scores a 5½ out of 10.


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