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Trolls World Tour (G) - 91 minutes

It is all about the music as Queen Poppy (the voice of Anna Kendrick) and her loyal and besotted sidekick Branch (Justin Timberlake) fight to prevent hard rock from assuming world domination in Troll Kingdom.

The young Queen is content in the knowledge that hugs and toe tapping tunes are all that count in a land where all seems pure.

That is until she receives a mysterious invitation from another Queen, Barb (Rachel Bloom), who has a nefarious plan. Naïve Poppy thinks it is all above board and ignores her father’s warning.

In short, the kingdom is divided into six musical lands – Pop, Rock, Funk, Techno, Country and Classical.

Each musical tribe lives and thrives autonomously – six magical guitar strings (one for each land) setting the tone.

But not content with that, Barb is out to seize all the strings and play the ultimate power chord, thereby turning all Trolls into rock zombies.

She is the personification of pint-sized petulance with her armada of menacing fish-shaped ships laying waste to peaceful lands.

But Queen Poppy is headstrong too.

Although she means well, she talks, but doesn’t listen to sound advice offered by the likes of Branch.

Unwittingly – sin of sins – she even manages to break a solemn oath (known as a pinky promise) to tall, rotund blue Troll Biggie (James Corden), who – along with his pet worm Mr Dinkles – finds themselves along for the ride to musical salvation.

And what a rocky, high flying adventure it is, one where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The price, put simply, is harmony.

A sub plot involves one of the residents of pop land, Cooper (Ron Funches), pursuing his hidden destiny.

Clearly aimed at youngsters, I loved the vibrant palate and the ear worms that are the mainstays of Trolls World Tour.

The familiarity has a nice sound and feel to it.

A colourful array of characters aids the cause.

This is fairy floss for the littlies, which, I dare say, a few parents won’t mind seeing either.

While the story arc jumps around a bit, the essence of it remains straight forward and the lesson about the importance of diversity goes down well.

The filmmakers have put together an enviable array of spoken music industry voice talent to help carry the day – with Mary J. Blige and Kelly Clarkson among those I haven’t previously mentioned.

I thought Sam Rockwell, too, brought the right amount of attitude to his role as Poppy’s country supporter, Hickory, when that support was most needed.

In short, Trolls World Tour is an easy watch, which should go down a treat during the school holidays.

Rated G, it scores a 7 out of 10


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